About us

Who are we?

Rotary Tervuren is a diverse and friendly club of like-minded individuals with a common desire to improve the lot of those less fortunate than themselves. We have currently 30 members from six different nationalities. We are a bilingual club, Dutch and English. Most club members speak both languages, but it is ok if you understand and speak only English, all official communications are being made in English language.

We meet regularly every first and third Monday evening of the month at the Afrikapaleis in Tervuren. We also have home hospitalities at one of our member's place in between, and organise excursions.

We engage in social activities, mainly in and around Tervuren. Once per year, we organise a fundraising party in the Afrikapaleis.


Our values, our engagement

Our main values are friendship and social engagement. We believe in peace, diversity and inclusion. Our social engagement is directed to support the unfortunate, fight disease, and support education.

In the last couple of years, we have been helping organisations such as De Eglantier, Ganspoel, Brussels Street Nurses, Voedselhulp, The Healing Horse, GITO (among others). We are people of action. With our main fundraising party, we obtain funds to help one or more social organisations financially. Club members are making donations and raise money in their environment. But we do not limit our engagement to handing over cheques! We support local organisations  by rolling our sleeves up, and providing direct, hands-on help.

How we function

Our board members 2023/24 comprise:

President - Dominique Deneffe
Past President - Patrick Bryan
Incoming President - Peter Janssens
Secretary - Maarten Wilbrenninck
Finances - Caroline Hemingway  
VZW Officer - Jan-Willem de Groot  

We mainly operate by the work of our committees. All members are encouraged to engage actively in one of the committees.