Christmas Diner

Montag, 18. Dezember 2023 19:00, Resto "Les petits Oignons", Rue de la régence, 25 – 1000 Brussels

The fellowship committee is organising this great evening and has selected a charming restaurant located just opposite the Royal Conservatory, near the Sablon in downtown Brussels. Proceedings start at 19:00.

The nearest park-house is under the Poelaertplein opposite the Justitiepaleis.

You can find a table below where the list of confirmed attendees, their menu choices and whether they (still) need to make a payment are recorded.

There will be a "Secret Santa", so don't forget to bring along a small present of value between €5 and €15. This could be for anyone except your accompanying spouse/partner/relative. 

  • Christof-S. KLITZ
  • Caroline HEMINGWAY
  • Philippe VAN GAEVER


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