Dalí - Magritte Exhibition in Brussels

zondag 26 januari 2020

The fellowship Committee has the role in the club to organise activities to strengthen the inter-personal relationships within the club. This time we arranged a Museum visit in Brussels. We met with half of the group already at the Tram 44 Terminus in Tervuren, at 10:00 in the morning where one of the club members had warm croissants and coffee for everybody. We took the tram and went to Brussels centre, Jan Dirk knew the way very well, the museum is close to his office. We met the second part of the group in the museum, and we were fortunate that we had bought the tickets upfront, there was a long queue in front of the entrance. But, we could take the group entrance and without any hassle, we could store our jackets and bags in a locker.

The exhibition was really unique, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Magritte Museum with the exhibition "Dalí X Magritte". About a hundred works paint a picture of the world of Salvador Dalí and start a conversation with René Magritte's oeuvre. Surrealism is anchored in both artists in a quest in which the question of the possibility of depicting something is central. In the mid-1920s, Dalí naturally took up a connection with the emerging surrealism. In his oeuvre, midway between fantasy and romantic fantasy, he explored the twists and turns of an inner thinking that was open to the surprises of the unconscious.

Here is a link to booklet, which explains very nicely the whole exhibition. Official movie here.

After the visit, we had a cup of coffee and returned to Tervuren. During the travel by tram we ate our lunch and in Tervuren, we went together to café Den Engel for a nice beer.

Pieter Hoekstra

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