Change of the Board

lundi 22 juin 2020

At the change of the Rotarian year, we celebrated the change of the board and the commissions. Outgoing President Johan honored several club members who had contributed significantly to the club life in the past Rotarian year. A highlight was the awarding of Paul Harris Fellowship to Simon.

Johan then handed over the chain of the President to Hartmut who gave a short outlook to the upcoming Rotarian year: focus on friendship and social engagement. The way of working will be strongly focussing on the committees. All members are encouraged to join a committee of choice: this is where Rotary really lives!

The calendar of statutory meetings was presented. It will be sent out to all members.

The names of the board members and of the committee presidents are on the Harmony homepage.

After the summer break, we will start with the traditional barbecue, again at Johan's place.

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