Job interview skills training with Gito Tervuren

vendredi 19 juin 2020

On Wednesday 10 and Tuesday 16 June, 12 Rotary Tervuren members successfully facilitated a job interview skills training for the 47 final-year students of Gito Tervuren.


In keeping with Covid-19 restrictions on physical gatherings, and in recognition of a future in which on-line job interviewing is likely to become far more common, the training was entirely “virtual”.


Using on-line meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, our members simulated “real-life” interviews with the job candidates. To prepare for their interview, students had selected a real job advertisement, and drafted a CV and cover letter to support their job application.


Aside from some connectivity issues at the start of interviews, the training was a great success! As in previous editions of this annual training programme, Gito students and staff were very appreciative of our Club’s support in helping these young adults prepare for their future professional lives. To be continued!

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