Helping the Community in times of COVID-19

mercredi 15 avril 2020

We have decided to engage both financially and with a helping hand in our vicinity to fight the corona crisis and help people in need. Following an emergency decision taken during the Easter festivities, we have started engaging in six projects:

Project Budget  Engagement
Tervuren community


Tervuren is looking for volunteers. Initiatives include shopping for older people, walk the dog, chat by phone for lonely people, help in homes for elderly. There seem to be enough people who have volunteered right now (13.4.) - but this may change, and you may want to have a look at

Contact: Vinciane



Voedselhulp Druivenstreek asks for backup hands-on volunteers in case they experience a shortage of their regular volunteers to hand over food packages. Voedselhulp is open on Thursdays.

Contact: Simon

E-learning for Tervuren pupils in secondary education

The project "distance learning for secondary education schoolpupils in Tervuren" aims at helping pupils of underprivileged families to follow the classes online while the lockdown is still active.

Contact: Vinciane

WZC Tervuren

Woonzorgcentrum Zoniën (residential care centre for elderly people) has an urgent need for additional personal protective equipment as the Covid-19 virus has affected several clients. Many of these clients need ‘hands-on’ care and attention several times a day. After each visit any masks, gowns or gloves used must be disposed of. The stocks of these materials are running low and the budget allocated to acquire new material is almost exhausted.

Contact: Simon



Street nurses VZW provides relief and assistance for the homeless. The aim is to provide for a stable home. RCT supports this organisation since 2018. They are  fully active in this lockdown situation. All the personnel is now working in the streets. They are detecting increased nutrition needs. Due to the lockdown the people living in the streets can not find food easily. Furthermore they also need general care equipment.

Contact: Vinciane

thanks to health care professionals


In residential care centres the situation is extremely harsh for the healthcare professionals due to the fact that the elderly people must remain isolated in their rooms especially when the virus has entered in the centre. Many of the clients are agitated because they are isolated and sometimes have physical or mental limitations. Families may not enter in the residences anymore.

So RCT gives a sign of appreciation with a flower and card purchased at De Serre. De Serre employs disabled people from the day centre Berken in Overijse.

RCT achieves three aims in one movement: RCT expresses its appreciation for healthcare personnel of the WZC Zoniën by giving a small plant/flower; it supports the local economy at the Serre; it supports an initiative for the disabled people of the Berken. In cooperation with RC Overijse-Zoniën.

Contact: Patrick

Update 22.4.: Plants have arrived at WZC Zoniën (read more)

Update 23.4.: PR notice sent out to local newspapers today.


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