Cubalicious Party - The results!

samedi 19 octobre 2019

Rotary Tervuren held our annual fundraiser Cubalicious party on Saturday 19 October 2019.

The concept: An Auction with Dinner, followed by a sensational dance party in the Koloniën Palace at Tervuren. This year, the auction was organized around glass sculptures, design figurines and jewellery.

Around 200 people came to the Party, members, partners, and guests. The financials are not finalized yet and will be communicated more fully later. However, upfront costs were essentially zero - in particular we were generously offered the use of the Koloniënpaleis for free. The ticket fee covered basically the costs incurred, mainly the traiteur (Huis Van Dijck) and the musicians.

As a first estimate, we earned from the auction about €5,000, the Tombola sold about 500-600 tickets (much kudos to the young team selling these!!!), which should be around €10,000. We got about €800 from the drinks, and an individual donation of €1,500. Last but not least, some members went around with a hat and collected €1,150 (big hands to them!), so we should have a total of somewhere comfortably in excess of our target of €15,000.

For the next year, the first feedback is to keep the concept (although the theme may change).

The benefit of this event will support our new project De Eglantier in Tervuren. This organisation provides support and therapy to younger children with a handicap.